Mac-keeper is the antivirus software for the Mac. Mac-keeper is the backup storage for your devices. Mac-keeper is a free security Mac-keepers deliver more protection from Maleware and online threats. it remove all the junk files, keep clean your local emails protect your data and remove useless data from your files. Mac-keeper also remove duplication of files.

Before uninstalling Mackeeper

As we also know that Mackeeper have some backup storage. and i am sure that you can save some of your data also in it and you also create its backup.

  • Before you uninstall Mac-keeper check that if you can save any file in it so please convert it first.
  • If you create your backup story then make copy of this backup and then uninstall it.
  • So your data may be  save and secure.

Remove  Mackeeper from Menu Bar

Mackeeper icone is visible on your Menu bar and you want to remove it.

  • Go to the Mac-keeper Menu.
  • Select preference > select general.
  • Deselect the checkbox which show the Mac-keeper icon on your menu bar.
  • Then close the Mac-keeper program.

How to get rid of mackeeper virus

sometime some antivirus software also create problem for our want to remove Mackeeper from your device follow these step by step instructions to know how to remove it.

  • Quit Mac-keeper app first.
  • Go to the Mac-keeper Menu.
  • Go to application > Activity Monitor linked to Mac-keeper.
  • Click to delete Mac-keeper.
  • Click conform button to permanently delete the application.
  • Open system preference > Accounts > login for Mac-keeper.
  • Remove from login item.
  • Empty recycle bin.
  • After uninstall Mac-keeper your browser will show you a survey about why you uninstall iff you want to fill then its your choice and if you don’t want to fill it simply close the web page.
  •  Restart your pc.
  • When your system restart check wether Mac-keeper uninstall or not.
  • Press window + F.
  • Finder dialogue box will Appear.
  • Type Mac-keeper here.
  • If you can not see any Mac-keeper directory.

So Mackeeper successfully uninstall. 


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