Compelled by the interesting and uncommon features of the most recent iPhone 11 arrangement and couldn’t control from acquiring it Well Congrats on getting your hands on it. You must be allured to undertake out all of its amazing features but at first you’d be required to restore all your information to this new device, particularly Viber information so simply do not lose out your imperative messages, pictures, assignments, presentations, etc.

Well in the event that you do not have any clue with respect to how to backup Viber messages fair take after any one of the methods below and get all your Viber messages restored on your unused iPhone inside a number of minutes. You were keen sufficient to backup Viber messages and presently it’s time to recover Viber chat history back to your iPhone Or there’s an indeed greater task at hand you’re wondering how to restore erased Viber messages In this article we are going examine 3 ways to recover Viber messages.

Recover Viber messages from iTunes backup

In case you’ve got already made a full backup of your iPhone or iPad with iTunes at that point you’ll be able effectively restore Viber information and indeed recover erased Viber messages from a backup. There’s one major disadvantage you won’t be able to choose just Viber. All the data from your old iPhone will be restored to a modern one. If typically precisely what you’re trying to find head to the Apple Back official site to memorize how to restore your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch from an iTunes backup. On the off chance that you need to restore fair Viber messages proceed perusing the article for elective arrangements.


Restore just Viber messages with CopyTrans Shelbee

CopyTrans Shelbee is the most effortless arrangement to restore Viber messages from an iPhone backup. Not at all like iTunes, it can recoup fair Viber messages, without the require of overwriting all other information on your phone. It moreover bolsters local iTunes backups. Here’s how to restore Viber messages:

  • Download CopyTrans Shelbee from this given link.
  •  Introduce the program. On the off chance that you would like offer assistance introducing CopyTrans Shelbee if it’s not too much trouble allude to the Establishment guide.
  • Run the program and interface the iPhone or iPad to your PC. Choose the Custom restore alternative within the primary menu.
  • Next tap on the pencil symbol and explore to the organizer where you store your backups. Select the backup that contains Viber messages you need to recover. TIP: You’ll be able select more seasoned backup to recoup erased Viber messages.
  • Within the another window, go to the search bar and explore for “Viber”. To proceed, press “Next”.
  • Confirm the restore and hit “Next”.
  • Wait until the restore is finished and check you device. Important: In case you exchange Viber to modern iPhone, you’ll have to be redownload the Viber app from the App Store after the restore is finished. Also vital: On the off chance that the restore comes up short for a few obscure reason see the investigating steps for when the backup is degenerate.

Recover Viber messages from iCloud

On the off chance that you back up everything to Apple’s local cloud capacity you’ll be able easily recover Viber messages from iCloud. All you would like to do is to put through to your iCloud account and actuate the app to wrap up the method. Viber consequently recognizes the existing backup and offers you to recover Viber chat history right away. For point by point instructions head to Viber’s official site and learn how to restore Viber messages from iCloud.


Restore Viber Messages on iPhone 11 series Using MobileTrans

MobileTrans WhatsApp Exchange could be a prevalent program that’s presented by the Wondershare company. This exceptional program exchanges information from one device to another in fair one click Not as it were does it exchange information from one phone to another but it moreover backup and restore portable as well as social applications information. With around 50 million+ downloads and 700K+ clients the computer program is picking up believe and consideration from all over the world.

It capacities proficiently with around 6000 gadgets and can be effortlessly downloaded to Windows and Mac OS. Using this extreme computer program you’ll effortlessly restore the Viber messages on your most recent iPhone 11 arrangement by taking after the nitty gritty rules underneath.

Launch MobileTrans software First

introduce the MobileTrans program on your computer. Interface the ancient iPhone along with your computer to continue to the another step.

Backup Viber messages

On your computer screen you may see a few choices to choose from. Tap on the WhatsApp Exchange button. After that within the left hand column the computer program will exhibit social apps that are consistent with the MobileTrans program. Discover and tap on Viber which is able at that point give you with two choices on the right hand side Restore and Backup.


Backup completed

Click on the Backup button to begin the backup strategy. The method may take a few time thus hold up calmly. You may be informed once the backup prepare finishes.


Interface iPhone 11 to the computer.

After connecting the modern iPhone 11 to the computer do the same as step 2. Once you’re given two choices, rather than clicking on Backup tap on the Restore alternative. Or hit the See Backup History button. Select the foremost later Viber Backup and tap on the Begin button.


Restore Kik messages successfully

The method may take some time to restore Viber messages to your iPhone 11 arrangement. Most vitally abstain from detaching devices all through the method to dodge any burden or delays.


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