In this Article we tell you how to see hidden files on mac or how to create shortcut on your files. hiding folder is a good thing because sometime we delete our personal files unintentionally and loose our important data.

Use finder to see files and folders

finder is a file managment app on Mac. if you click on finder you will see the name of the folder where you currently in. if you need to find the folder with keyboard click shift + command + dot key. after seeing your folder and you again want to hide to press these keys again to hide them.

Use terminal to see hidden files and folders

if you do not want to use keyboard shotcut to see hidden files you can also see your files using terminal it is build in feature to find hidden files and folders. to open terminal click command + space key then write terminal click ok.after seeing terminal screen you will type some lines to see hidden files. write (defult write com.Apple.finder Appleshowallfiles true [enter] killal finder). now your hidden files and folder appear on your screen and after you see files you want to hide these files by typing again these lines only replace true with false your files and folders are hidden again.


Use file manager to see hidden files

if you don’t want to use keyboard and terminal method you have third way to see hidden files and folders it is also an easy way to see folders and files you hide for their safty simply go to file manager click on view option here you can see many option you can see also see here hidden file option mark the check box to show your hidden files after seeing you again unmark check box to hide the files and folders.


Want to remove hidden files

sometime you hide some files and with the passege of time you don’t want to use these files and your pc running storage problem and you want to delete those files in this condition cleanmymax x can help you alot. to removing useless files or junk files you only want to install this feature. after you installed you only do these steps.

  • click to the smart scan.
  • click scan.
  • select cleanup your system files.
  • click clean to delete the unneeded files.

in this way you clean up your system storage and delete some extra files this app clean-my-max x help you alot to free up storage.


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