Safari is a web browser developed by apple. it is a default browser on apple devices. Home page is a web page that serves as the starting point of the website it is a default web page that load when you visit a web page.web page is a page where visitors can find hyperlink to other pages on the site.

Once you launch Safari you’ll select any page you like to show after you open the browser. For case on the off chance that you usually start browsing with a Google search set the Google homepage as your default. On the off chance that the primary thing you are doing after you go online is check your e-mail tell Safari to go to your provider’s site. Here’s a see at how to set your favored homepage in Safari on the desktop or an iOS versatile device.

How do i set my Safari home page on Mac

if you want to create short cut of the links or websites that you can visit daily routine so do this:

  • firstly write click on the website or a name of your website.
  • then copy its address.
  • go to the safari Homepage.
  • click safari menubar
  • click the preference
  • click General.
  • create shortcut.
  • write the Url name.
  • paste url link.
  • click ok.
  • its Done!
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How do i set my Safari home page on iphone or ipad

you want to set safari home page on your iphone or ipad and create short cut of your sites you can visit daily. in iphone or ipad there is no setting for safari homepage.

  • open safari browser on your iphone or ipad.
  • click on to the three dots button.
  • click add to home screen.
  • name your shorcut.
  •  click Add.
  • now safari homepage is add on your iphone or ipad.
  • whenever you want to open homepage simply click on shortcut.

Set General system preferences

Select Apple menu > System Preferences at that point tap General and make sure that Close windows when stopping an app is chosen. On the off chance that this choice isn’t chosen Safari opens to your indicated page as it were in case that page was open after you final stopped Safari. Learn more almost how your Mac automatically re opens windows, apps and files.

Change your Safari Homepage on Mac

Open Safari on your Mac and after that take after these steps to change your Homepage.

1) Press Safari > Preferences from the menu bar.

2) select the General tab.

3) Within the box following to Homepage enter the URL of the site you need. On the off chance that you’re as of now on that location fair press the Set Current Page button. This will alter that URL for you.


Set your Homepage for new windows

By making that alter over each time you tap the Home button on your toolbar or History > Home from the menu bar you’ll arrive on that page. But you’ll be able set it up so that at whatever point you open a unused Safari window or tab you’ll go straightforwardly to that page too.

In the same Safari Preferences window over Homepage you’ll see the alternatives for Unused windows open with and Unused tabs open with. You’ll tap the drop-down box and select Homepage for both or fair one. For something out of the standard you’ll be able moreover set an picture as your Safari Homepage on Mac So you’ll see your cute pet favorite get away spot or adoring family at whatever point you open Safari.


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