If you are using a Mac your default browser is Safari. some time something does not work with Safari and people need Chrome or some other browser. But by default they just stuk with Safari. if you want to run the latest version of macOS like macOS Mojave or macOS Catalina to enjoy new features you will update the OS which will automatically update Safari and your extensions.

we have a limited number of Safari extensions that will work in 2020. I have tested most of them and created a list of the best Safari extensions that you should use in 2020.

Apple has changed setting to install and enable Safari extention. firstly learn about how you can install and enable Safari extension. All the Safari extensions are available in the App Store.                


you can either search from them in the App Store and download these extensions from the app store. when your extension is installed open Safari and click on the Extension tab. now you can enable the extension just click on the checkbox. Your extension will show up in Safari browser.you can run safari extension just click on the extension icon in Safari and click on the Run button.

Uninstall safari extension

if you want To uninstall a Safari extension launch Safari and open preferences. just Click on the extension tab and then on the extension you want to uninstall. click on the Uninstall button to remove extension from Safari.

Other safari extensions

website opener:

on every day if you are searching for the usual web pages if you open webpage for news or other information this app is for this purpose. Website Opener is a Safari extension that allows you to open all your favorite web pages in a new tab with only one click. if you add the pages you want to open and then just click on the icon for the extension. It’s perfect website if you open the same web pages every day.



Feedly is also a popular web extension. Built for productive people Feedly is a fast and secure way to read and share the content on your favorite sites and services. It provides greatfull information with Google Reader, Twitter, Facebook, instagram and YouTube.



if you want to skip having to download something onto your computer only to want it moved to Dropbox. You can save a step and bandwidth with Horsey. Horsey lets you download almost any file directly to your Dropbox without having to download it to your computer and it can also saving your time. you can download anything or any type of file with horsey.


There is a great way for representing an up to date content for the user or performing quickly tasks. We need an app on which we will create the app extension. Once we have our app we choose to add a new plane by clicking to File. click on New. click Target into Xcode. here we choose the template for our new target to add a Today Extension.


If you want to watch videos online for example from YouTube, opera, firefox, yondex or Netflix but you want to see the video without any interference like ads then you need PiPifier. With PiPifier any HTML video you watch and also interact them and you want to view it in Picture in Picture mode. Just find a video interact with it once and then click on the PiPifier icon in Safari. Your video will then go into Picture in Picture mode so you are able to use other apps and still have the video playing without any interference.


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