As we all know iphone is a smart phone made by Apple. and we also know  that their are multiple ways to transfer photos. some time we transfer through USB,some time through bluetooth,flash drive, or icloud so this is the easy way to save or keep your data secure. In this Article we will learn about the easiest way to transfer your file,folders,photos,videos and all type of data. once you learn all the ways it is easy to you to decide which method is best for you.

Transfer Through USB cable:


if we remember that the first way to transfer file, folders,photos,videos or any type of data we want to safe or share we use usb cables . in offices they can also use usb cables to share data with other employees. and this is the easy way to share or transfer your data. connecting two devices you can tranfer file from one device to another.

  • connect one end of usb cable with available usb port on your device and then connect other end of cable with alternate device.
  • follow the on screen instruction to tranfer the file.
  • select the file or folder you want to share.
  • copy the file or folder and then paste it into an available folder on the other device.
  • or you can also simply drag and drop the file or folder.

Transfer Through E-Mail:

when you write messages in the mail app  on your Mac you can also add photo,videos,file or any other.

  • click the file attach icon  select it and then click choose file then click ok.
  • OR click on photo icon  choose the photo and then click ok.


  • if you attach the file at the end of message choose Edit > insert Attachment.

Transfer wirelessly:

Do you want to transfer file or photos wirelessly. there are many file transfer apps available on google store or you can transfer through bluetooth.

  • Download file transfer app from google play store.
  • Download photos from iphone to Mac through icloud photos.
  • OR transfer photos through bluetooth pairing two devices with each other then click ok to allow devices to share files.

Transfer through iCloud:

iCloud save your data securely and keep your app up to date. icloud is the best app for your photos and files. icloud is built into every apple device.

  • firstly, Activate icloud app on your device. go to your iphone, ipad setting.
  • click on photos and then turm on icloud option.
  • Activate icloud on your Mac. click the apple icone on the top off the screen.
  • Go to the system preference then click on icloud option.
  • click on photos checkbox.
  • click on option to go next.
  • click on icloud photos/liabrary checkbox.
  • click done.
  • after that all the photos,videos,files automatically save on icloud.
  • photes on icloud automatically download on your Mac and ipad.
  • when you sync your icloud on your iphone, ipad or Mac the same photo appear on all devices.
  • icloud is the most convenient way to save your photos for a long period of time.

NOte: on any of your device please sign in to same id if you sign in with another id you don’t see your data. so be carefull.

Transfer Through AirDrop:

wireless transfer of photos and media directly to your Mac. Apple Airdrop is the best way to transfer your media. in this way photo you want to share or copy directly transfer on your Mac.

  • on your iphone open the gallery and select the photo you want to share.
  • click on to the select option.
  • select the photos you can also share multiple photos in the same time.
  • click on to the share icon.
  • after that in the Airpod click on to the name of your Mac.

selected photos will transfer to your Mac.

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