You can free up the space on mac by deleting or removing the large unneeded and unnecessary content in Icloud and built in tools like unneeded images and videos and other files ,which take large space on your disk.

The content can be optimized in your mac through sorting the content on your icloud and make the content available on your demand.

  • The storage is need for the files like images videos,emails,messages,mms and other types of files which people use simultaneously are stored in icloud
  • When a file is open on cloud its download  where it was last saved
  • The files which are recently open are remain on mac

How to find how much storage available on your mac

You can easily check out the free space available on your mac through following steps

  1. Open mac menu
  2. Click on about this mac
  3. Click the storage icon
  4. Each index of the bar show the storage space for each type of file like music ,video other file ,by clicking the file you can view more details about the space of that file

How to find duplicate file and remove them

As the duplicate file is one of major thing that can take off most of the space of your mac and it littering up the computer.this occurs mostly when you are using same computer for long time.

Now there are many software that can detect the duplicate file  ,one of the best is Gemini 2 which has best user friendly interface and through easy steps any one can easily detect the duplicate file that are located on mac and remove them easily without harming other files

You can easily but it from the App store if you are interested but we will suggest to buy through there official website ,as they provide free trail period .

Click this if you want to buy  Gemini 2 official website 

How to Empty your trash

As the trash is equal to recycler bin in window and in mac we called it trash ,as if you delete file through shift delete then the files are permanently deleted but if you delete the file thorugh menu option of delete then it deleted in that storage but it moves to trash folder of mac through which you can restore the files ,as the files you deleted which can be a long movies , a big database,a music or any other file which moves to trash folder,which is the main cuases of using much storage ,so if you are facing the problem of space/storage then you have to empty your trash on mac

It can simply empty by right click on trash icon and it will show option of empty trash. just click on it your trash will be empty likely we do in window in recycler bin and through this way all files will be permanently deleted and you will get your space free which you will use for other good perpose


Uninstall all the apps which you don’t  used

offcourse we know that the application take off the space of your storage .so if you don’t used that application then you can uninstall them for the purpose of free up the space on your mac, as they get much data .

you can simply uninstall them through simple steps

  • Open the finder window (control+F key)
  • Select the application in side bar menu
  • All the application with their used space will be shown to you
  • Now select the application you want to uninstall ,drag and drop this application to trash that are on your mac

Clear out the temporary files of your mac through simple steps

Off-course we know that the temporary files are taking huge amount of memory of mac and these are the files you don’t need,As the mac os x automatically deleted these files but we will find more way to delete them permanently through some software it will have two benefits,One is you will get more space and other is your mac performance speed will much increases

Step 1

Open your browser and go to clear browsing data ,as through browser many of cached are saved which slow down the performance of the browser so by clicking the clear browsing data all the cashes will be clear and your browser will get a new life and its performance will be much speed up

Step 2

as there are many other temporary files in your mac so we will clean them through easy steps

  1. Open finder on your mac
  2. Go to the folder on menu using ~/library/cashes to get the cache folder.
  3. This will pop up a folder which have much  folders inside this folder
  4. Select and delete all the folders

How to clean caches and temporary files from Mac OS

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