with the passage of time technology is making progress day by day and on apple devices the way to  store images or files changed. some iPhone hides your picture automatically and store them in to a separate file. In this article we know about the ways to find hidden images or files. how to organize images with best way and you can find your photos easily. we also know how to create album.

on apple some iPhone, iPad or Mac have very good features to organize your photos and library and you can also crate a slideshow to see your photos and enjoy your memories. you can also download some tools to organize your photos. or you can go to the setting app and click on photos setting and choose sort photos by size, by name, by length this is also the best way to manage photos after adjusting size, name, or length you can see your photos one by one.

we will share some tips or some experience to manage your library so you can easily find your photos and also share with friends. you can also see favorite option on your photos you can move your important photos on this folder. hold your finger on photo for a while you can see checkboxes on all photos select important photos and click on heart option paste all the photos. in this way your library is also in a manage able way.

if you want to make group of photos or make slide show then do these steps.

  • choose album > click on file > click new album.
  • an untitled album will appear.
  • you can write name of the album.
  • firstly you can select the images and then create  the album so that images automatically move to the created album.
  • if you don’t do this then after creating album go back to your photo gallery select the photos you want to move.
  • And then click on to the newly created album and paste selected photos.
  •  if you create different album for different photos so it can very easy to you to search your photos you want.

on Mac computers you can create smart albums it is also a good way to manage your photos. these albas are automatically updated on the criteria you choose. if you want to save your latest photos on this album follow these steps.

  • click on file.
  • click on new smart album.
  • you can choose person or name of person.
  • once you create your smart album open the album.
  • you can choose all items photos, videos etc.

How to Share a Video from Facebook to Instagram

some iPhone , iPad doesn’t show this feature. so those devices who have the ability to show these features give you a good manageable sense of your photos. you can now manage your photos now you can quickly share album to you friends thorough mail or massages or if you want to share album on Facebook or Instagram you can easily share whole album.

Step 1:

  • go to your facebook I’D.
  • Facebook video download. Copy the link of the Facebook video go to https://www.getfvid.com/ and glue the URL on the clear square. Tap Download. 
  • There are really more free Facebook video downloaders accessible online. You’ll discover more by looking Facebook video downloader on Google.

Step 2:

  • Edit the Instagram video. Instagram supports all recordings that are 3-60 seconds at length, and in a greatest width of 1080 pixels.MP4 recordings are ideal. 9:16 is the prescribed viewpoint ratio. 
  • To alter video perspective proportion and trim video, you may require a capable video editor like Flex Clip. 
  • Now tap on the Create a Video button to urge begun. You’re moreover invited to see lovely Instagram video templates.
  • Upload the video downloaded from Facebook to the Media segment and after that utilize it on the storyboard. Trim the video by pressing on the scissors icon.
  • Go to the More segment. Select 9:16 the correct perspective ratio for Instagram.
  • You’ll make additional edits on the video to dodge encroachment issues, like changing video speed, including channels, moves and more.
  • See and save. In case you just like the video, tap the Download button. The video will be spared to your computer in MP4.

Step 3:

Upload the video to Instagram Instagram as it were permits you to transfer a video from portable phones. Other than merely can as it were make such complicated edits on computer. So after altering you wish to transfer videos from the computer to portable phones. Dropbox is one way to go. You’ll effortlessly transfer a video to Dropbox and after that download it on your versatile phone. After that dispatch Instagram tap + at the foot of the screen select Library discover the video from computer and after that post.

That’s all for how to share a video from Facebook to Instagram. On the off chance that you discover this post supportive if it’s not too much trouble do share it with others. By the way Flex Clip is without a doubt a free and easy to use work device. It can assist you make a YouTube video, Facebook video, Instagram video.

Play an instant slideshow

You’ll be able rapidly play a slideshow of the photos in a day. You’ll be able select a topic and music for the slideshow but you can’t customize the slideshow further. In the Photographs app on your Mac tap Library within the sidebar at that point tap Days within the toolbar.

  • Select a few photos in a day at that point select Record > Play Slideshow.
  • Click Subjects at that point select a theme.
  • A see of the topic shows up within the pane.
  • Click Music and select the song you want.
  • To turn off music press the melody once more to deselect it.
  • Click Play Slideshow.
  • To halt playing the slideshow press the Elude key. 
  • You’ll be able too press the bolt keys to skip forward or back through the slides and press the Space bar to stop the slideshow.

Add or remove photos and text in a slideshow

After you make a slideshow, you’ll be able include or delete photos at any time. You’ll be able moreover include content to chosen slides. The text position and textual style is decided by the subject you chose. After you include a Live Photo to a slideshow it appears as a still image. In the Photographs app on your Mac press a slideshow under Projects within the sidebar.

Do any of the following: Add more photographs to a slideshow: Select a photo within the push of thumbnails at the foot tap the Include Question button at that point tap Include Photographs. Select the photographs you want to include at that point press Add. Add content to a slide: Select a photo press the Include Question button then tap Include Content. Select the content within the content box at that point sort the content you want. Delete content from a photo: Select the content within the photo or select the T outline some time recently the photo within the push of thumbnails at that point press Delete. Delete a photo from the slideshow: Select the photo you need to erase at that point press Erase.


Create a slideshow project

Within the Photographs app on your Mac select the photographs you need in your slideshow. You can include or expel photographs afterward see Add or remove photographs and content in a slideshow below.

  • Choose Record > Make > Slideshow > Photos.
  • Click the Slideshow pop-up menu and select Modern Slideshow.
  • Type a slideshow title within the Slideshow Title field at that point tap OK.
  • To reorder photographs drag photos into the arrange you need them within the foot of the window.
  • To select a theme tap the Themes button at that point tap a theme.
  • You can alter the subject at any time.
  • The topic you select decides content position, textual styles and the moves that show up between slides.
  • The skillet and zoom impact moreover known as the Insight Burns impact is accessible as it were for the Insight Burns theme.
  • To select music for the slideshow tap the Music button tap the down bolt following to Music Library at that point select a melody or songs.
  • Choose Topic Melodies from the pop-up menu to see music included with Photographs or select Music to see music from your Music liabrary.
  • Drag the tunes you chosen to alter the arrange they play in.
  • To erase a tune select it and press Delete.


In the event that you don’t see music from your Music library recorded near Photographs at that point open Music and sign in on the off chance that you haven’t as of now. With Music open open Photographs once more at that point select your slideshow. Press the Music button and select Music from the pop-up menu to see your music list appear.

  • To alter how long each slide shows up tap the Length button at that point do any of the taking after not all alternatives are accessible for all themes Set the slideshow to coordinate the length of the chosen music:
  • Select Fit to Music.
  • Set a particular show time for the slideshow: Select Custom at that point drag the slider to indicate how long the slideshow ought to play. Set a move for the whole slideshow:
  • Select the Move checkbox at that point select a move sort from the pop-up menu. Set slides to fit the screen: Select the Scale photographs to fit screen checkbox.
  • To see a see of the slideshow tap the See button.
  • Click See once more to halt the see. 
  • You’ll too set the slideshow to loop ceaselessly by clicking the Circle button .
  • To play the slideshow tap the Play button .
  • To halt playing a slideshow press the Elude key. 
  • You’ll moreover press the bolt keys to skip forward or back through the slides and press the Space bar to stop the slideshow.

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