A factory reset erases all your data from your phone or pc and restore your devices to its original state. this mean all your personal file will be removed. it doesn’t harm you phone or operating system it also turn application to its original settings. if you want to sell your phone its better to factory reset your phone rather then cleaning your data one by one it take alot of time. factory reset save your time. so lets know how to do.

Create a backup for your data before reset

This step is most important before you reset your pc. if you want to save your data your important files you want tocreate some backup. you can move your data if you want or you can save your data to a storage device or you create full backup plane.

  • click on start button.
  • go to the control panel.
  • click on system maintainance.
  • click on system protection.
  • click on create.
  • After your pc will restore.
  • and startup again and you want to see your restore files.
  • click on start.
  • go to my computer.
  • click on to the drive you save files.
  • and you can see your data.

How to Factory reset your Mac

when you sell your iphone,ipad or Mac. it’s the good idea to factory reset your device rather you clean your data one by one and waste alot of time. after reset your pc make sure that you remove all your personal data and your device is ready to sell. you can also make sure that you log out all your accounts.

  • click on start button.
  • click on power button.
  • click restart your pc.
  • when your pc restart.
  • press command + R.
  • release it when you see startup screen.
  • You can see recovery mode menu.
  • enter your password. you must enter admin password if you are admin then its you only.
  • when you see macos utility screen.
  • click on disk utility.
  • click continue.
  • choose your ‘Macintosh HD’ startup disk.
  • click erase but be carefull when you erase data.
  • instead of that choose edit menu.
  • choose APFS format.
  • you will see new dialogue box. here you also be very carefull.
  • you will see security option with disk encruption.
  • Now you will need to create a password.
  • choose only delete button.
  • wait untill the process completed.
  • After that click Done.
  • when all Done.
  • Go to MacOs utility menu.
  • click to reinstall MacOs.
  • install letest version of MacOs.
  • press continue > accept the agreement > choose a device for your MacOs.
  • if the reinstalation process completed. it take some time.
  • After that you successfully factory reset you Mac.

How to Deauthorized your accounts

when you sell your device it is important to clearify that you successfull logout your all accounts on the selling device and make it comletely ready for other owners. Here Iwill tell you about how to deauthorize your account from the devices. so the new user has no access to your account.


Signout from itune account:

  • open itune app.
  • click on menu bar.
  • click accounts.
  • here find the authorization option.
  • click on deauthorization to this device.
  • you will enter your apple I’D or password.
  • click deauthorization.
  • click confirm and its Done.

Signout to icloud:

  • click on to the apple logo on top of the screen.
  • Go to system preference.
  • select icloud > click signout.
  • Done!

Signout to iMessages:

  • open the messages app > click messages next.
  • click apple logo > click system preference.
  • click on iMessages > click signout.
  • click next and its Done.

Reset NV-RAM

To reset NV-RAM it will reset your clock or sound volume and another same phone setting and take these to original settings. and also restore your security settings.

  • click start up menu.
  • click shutdown.
  • press option + window + P + R keys.
  • when your Mac turn back on press and Hold option + window + P + R keys.
  • Hold the keys for 20  seconds and then release them.

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