As we mostly facing the storage issues on mac because of huge amount of data that we stored on our mac and every one want to free up their storage to use them for other purposes, so here are some tips for you to free mac storage.

These tips and tricks free up storage and make the storage available for you . if your Mac’s hard drive is slowing things down and has no space for new pictures, files, folders and documents or other files then its time to do a little cleanup.

As we mostly facing the storage issues on mac because of huge amount of data that we stored on our mac and every one want to free up their storage to use them for other purposes so

  • Uninstalled app you don’t need.
  • Delete temporary files or folders.
  • Empty the trash of your mac
  • or you can move your personal file on:
  • External drives / Cloud Storage.

Steps to Free up storage on Your macOS / Clear Mac Storage

Mac computers have built in tools that can help you in finding unnecessary files and folders:

1. Go to manage storage:

  • Click apple Menu and then click About this Mac.
  • Go to the storage tab and see how much space is available.
  • Then click the manage button.

After clicking manage button you can see new window. Some application, files, folders, documents and some other section you can see on the left of this window and you can also see detail of those files here.


2. Optimize Storage

You can save the space by automatically removing iTunes, Movies and TV shows that you have already watch from this Mac.

By clicking optimize option you can see these options:

  • Automatically remove Watched movies & TV shows.
  • Download only recent Attachments.
  • Don’t Automatically download attachments.

3. Disk Utility

another method to find out about your storage ,you can use disk utility function. this function give you access about the information of your Mac. so it is good to know about how to access it. this is not the fastest method but it is good to know about disk utility for any other resson.

  • Click window + F for finder.
  • Click on application.
  • Click on Utility.
  • Click on Disk Utility

the final window in being appear and you can see how much storage is available and how much storage is being used and some other functions.

source: apple

4. Move file to an External storage device

The best way to free up the storage space is to take all files,folder,Documents,pictures,videos,audios, movies and other files ,transfer them to a backup storage device and delete original files and if your Mac has USB ports you can connect them and store all the files on them. and this is easy and simple way to keep your data safe and secure.

Some devices can help you to store data:

  • External hard drives.
  • USB drives.
  • SD cards or micro SD cards.
  • External port Adapters.

After inserting these devices it will show on your screen you can save your files you don’t use and you can save the files which you cannot used mostly and through that way you can get much free space on your mac computer.

5. Empty Trash Automatically

Save Space by automatically erase item that have been in the trash for more then 30 days. this is simple if you turn on the apple will automatically delete old items out of the trash. you can select the trash on you mac and right click on it then it will show a option of clear the trash .click on that option and all trash data will be deleted.

source: chowtogeek

6. Clear Cache files on your Mac

To remove cache data you should simply go to the storage location where the files and folders are located. Simply you can click window + F key. you can see finder option. then you can simply type the name of the folder ~/library/cashes and clickGo button you can see the new window. Here you can see list of cache from application. Now you can click the folder from which the cache you want to remove. right click on it. Here in this menu select move to Trash. Repeat this process again and again on all application you want to remove.or you can move all the folder by selecting all control+A key and move to trash folder .through that way you will get much space.

source: howtogeek

Watch video to clean up your mac step by step

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