It is a very useful tool in cleaning Mac junks that slowing down. it is discovered in United kingdom and also win award as ‘MAC Gem’. It was awarded by MAC world in2013. It can make quick scan and clean all the files deeply and it can reducing power of your Mac. It can also be useful to recover lost data from your disk drive. It is very easy to use and you will be able to recover full data including photo, video , files, documents etc.


Gemini 2:

It is a useful tool that quickly scan every corner of MAC remove useless copies. It is a duplicate finder that allows you to free up storage and organize files. It weeds out useless copies whether they are photos, videos and documents in just a few minutes. If something is removed by mistake it takes just a click to move it back. Always make sure that the things which are important must be excluded out of scan.


Gemini remove every short useless item in scan and the person must its duplicate copy in few seconds. It also show reviews to make sure that important items are not deleted.


It is a fun-tool for programmers. It is developed by Titanium software. It is a French MAC cleaning tool. It has a weight of 5MB but its capabilities are outstanding. Onyx is a best MAC cleaner as it Clean many database and logs. It is more importantly useful for those using XPC cache. For the ordinary MAC users onyx need sufficient learning time for action. Onyx is free, stable and reliable software. The only damage to programmers from onyx is that they delete the important files by themselves.


Daisy disk:

It is a very important tool for MAC cleaner. It is a visual representation of the folders in MAC that are using most of the space of MAC. From this tool it become easier for programmers to see which file is taking extra space and storage that disturb the working of MAC.


Daisy disk will scan the folders or documents from the Mac to free up space for useful purposes. For cleaning it is important to select the drive that have to be clean and the Daisy disk will scan it and programmer will delete the things that is wasting valuable space. Daisy disk come in a premium, free and reliable version.

Drive Genius:

It is a most useful tool in providing powerful disk diagnostics. It is such an outstanding tool that it is difficult to point out the things that a drive genius cannot do. A programmer can scan malware, customize icons their dozens of apps in one body.


Drive genius is unique in searching corrupted files and inconsistency in MAC devices. This is an automatic checker that informs the MAC before fail of drive. Hard drive scan will take time in drive genius.


It is a new discovered tool for MAC but has a very useful action and performances. Sensei gives a very detailed picture of MAC performance. Sometime I called it performance controlling tool. Click me


With the help of sensei a programmer can check information of MAC book, current temperature of CPU and the working of RAM. By cooling it will give exact information of MAC fan’s speed. Sensei helps to get rid of large files, cache, logs and other useless drives. Sensei also has an uninstaller feature that that help to delete apps from MAC and also clean their traces. The developers of sensei named it as ”Pro MAC cleaner””.

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