screenshot is a picture that show the content of your screen. it is an image and capture the things that you exactly want or share with other people. screenshot is really helpful some time some things can’t be download so this feature help us a lot. after taking screenshot you can view, edit or share image. we can press some couple of keys to take screenshot. all the devices have different way to take screenshot. in this Article you will find some information that how to take screenshot on Mac. and you will also find some tools to take screenshot for your apple devices

How to take screenshot on your Mac

 to take screenshot on your mac every pc will use command, shift or number key and if these steps do not work then use another step but firstly we learn about these steps.

  • press command/window + shift + 4 + spacebar to take screen capture of whole window.
  • click on touchpad or mouse.
  • Hold the spacebar when you are dragging.
  • Now select the picture you want to capture.
  • tap to the mouse or touchpad and its done.
  • you can also use a grab tool to take screenshot. it can only a tool to help you to take screenshot.

To capture the entire screen:

  • press command/window + shift + 3 key to the entire time.
  • And your entire screen will be capture you can save the screenshoot or share it with friends.
  • you can also edit or crop screenshoot.

To capture the part of screen:

  • press command/window + shift + 4 key at same time.
  • press and release the keys to take shot
  • and the portion of the screen you want to capture will be capture and save on your desktop.

To capture screenshot with touchBar:

  • press command + shift + 6 kay to take an image of the touchbar.
  • The picture will be saved on your desktop.
  • picture will be in .png formate.

Another way to capture screenshot

  • press shift +command + 5 key to take screen shot.
  • if you press these keys you have apear three option.
  • to take whole screen, whole window, or a part of the screen.
  • or to capture whole screen video or a part of screen to capture video 
  • you can also see a menu bar where to save screen shot and other settings.   

it will noticed that if you press CNTRL key for some time it will copy screenshot on your clipboard instead of capturing it


Screenshot on android phone

The way to take screenshot on any android phone is different some phone simply take screenshot by pressing power or volume button at the same time but some phone have some tricky way to take so follow these steps.

  • press and Hold the power and volume up button for a while then your phone will vibrate and capture your screen.
  • press and hold the power button and volume down button for a while to capture your screen.
  • some phone have option to take screenshoot on nevbar if you click this your phone will take screen shoot automatically.
  • Tap on screen with three fingers and move them in straight line to take screenshot.
  • press power and volume down button and tap notification bar and press the screenshot icon to take screenshot.
  • press home and power button to take screenshot.
  • press home, power and volume down button to capture your screen.
  • press Home and volume down button and tap on notification bar press capture+ icon.
  • press the power button for a while a screen will apear tap it to take screenshot.
  • you can also ask google assistent to take a screenshot for you.
  • and some phone will have shaking feature you can simply shake your phone to take screen capture.

Taking screenshot on android laptops

  • taking screenshot by pressing ctrl + window + print screen keys.
  •  or you can write click on the image it will give you save as option or copy image.
  • if you copy image go to the desktop and simply paste it.
  • if you click on save as option it will appear a new dialogue box.
  • choose the paath where you save and click ok.
  • Another way to take screenshot is a snipping tool.
  • click to open it.
  • click new it will highlight the screen select the area you want to capture.
  • go to microsoft word or wordpad to paste the image.
  • Now you can edit or share the screenshot.

Changing format

sometime you can save images it will be save in .png format if you want to change the format you right click on image and simply rename it. or you go to the properties of image and change the format.

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