The Beats Flex is Apple’s most recent accessory Bluetooth earbuds and brings numerous of the favorite highlights of its Air-Pods to earphones costing a fair one-third of the price. The modern Beats took a toll of euro 49.99 and supplant the euro129 Beats X as the firm’s cheapest remote earbuds sitting underneath the euro129.95 Power-beats and Apple’s euro129 Air-Pods. In the world of genuine remote Bluetooth earbuds, the older style accessory models regularly involve the cheaper conclusion of the showcase. They have wires interfacing the earbuds to each other but Bluetooth to the phone. The Flex earbuds are well outlined with an adjusted fit including two cases on either side of a level semi-flexible cable that rests on the back of the neck. The earbuds are at that point associated with the cases by means of assist-level adaptable cables.


It could be an attempted and tried plan but one that’s like Marmite a few will cherish neckbands whereas others will abhor their nearness on the back of their neck. The earbuds are light at a fair 18.6g which is 7.7g lighter than the Power-beats and reasonably standard with silicone ear tips of which four sizes are included within the box. I found them comfortable for an hour or two. The Flex is exceptionally much planned for day-to-day casual tuning in so that’s fair fine. They don’t disconnect you from exterior commotion all that well compared with a few competitors in any case.

Controls and connectivity

The Flex has Apple’s more seasoned W1 Bluetooth chip, not the H1 chip utilized within the most recent AirPods and the more costly Powerbeats. They still bolster Bluetooth 5 consistent blending with an iPhone battery status popups on iOS consistent exchanging between gadgets and sound sharing on Apple devices. The Beats app on Android offers numerous of the same highlights as accessible on an iPhone counting help with matching and battery status popups as well as dealing with overhauls and various settings. But the Flex doesn’t bolster Apple’s most recent programmed exchanging between Apple gadgets which swaps to whichever gadget iPhone iPad or Mac that’s right now dynamic.


Nor do they support the always-listening hands-free Siri mode meaning you have got to press and hold a button to convert to Apple’s voice partner or Google Right hand on an Android phone. Association to an iPhone 12 Samsung System Z Overlap 2 and Google Pixel 4a 5G was shaken solid. The cleared outside of the neckband has most of the controls, furthermore the USB-C harbor for charging and the receiver for calls. There’s a volume rocker and a multi-function button which you press once for pause/play twice and three times to skip track or press and hold for the voice right hand. The proper side has the control button. The earbuds attractively join each other when not utilize which delays the music as well.


The Flex sounds great for the money. They dealt with most music classes exceptionally well creating shockingly profound bass great treble and delicate highs which make for simple listening. They oversee to sound reasonably crude and grungy for Nirvana whereas still impacting out electronica at an appropriately tall vitality level. The bass can in some cases overwhelm a small but the Flex oversees to create the truly profound notes required for something such as Lindsey Stirling’s Solidify. They’re moreover punchy sufficient to deliver an appropriate version of My Morning Jacket’s Exceedingly Suspicious. You won’t be hearing modern points of interest in well-worn tracks, but they sound extraordinary for a cheaper set of earbuds with a adjust often lost in rivals. The battery within the Flex keeps going for a fair modest of 12 hours between charges. A 10-minute speedy charge when the battery is low gives around 90 minutes of playback. A full charge takes approximately 90 minutes.



Apple doesn’t give a rating for the number of charge cycles anticipated from the battery within Beats Flex. The battery isn’t replaceable nor are the earbuds repairable eventually making them disposable. The earbuds contain reused parts where conceivable and reused plastic for inside pieces. They moreover contain less and more solid components than forerunners and are planned to final longer whereas the bundling is both littler and contains less plastic. Apple offers trade-in and free reusing plans counting for non-Apple items.



The magnets keep the earbuds from getting tangled but they don’t coil up exceptionally well clearing out a bit of a mess in a bag. Voice quality on both closes of a call was lovely great in spite of the fact that not very as clear as with AirPods. Replacement ear tips are accessible without charge on request. Having cables to the earbuds implies you won’t lose them very as effectively as genuine remote models.



The Beats Flex fetched euro49.99 and comes in four colors. For comparison, the Powerbeats took a toll of euro129.95 the PowerBeats Professional taken a toll of euro219.95, and the Apple AirPods took a toll of £159.


The Beats Flex is a set of great esteem feature-rich Bluetooth earbuds from Apple. They are altogether cheaper than their forerunners and Apple’s Air-Pods but small has been yielded in sound or work. The earphones have straightforward matching consistent exchanging and a solid Bluetooth association. They work fair as well with Android gadgets much obliged to the Beats app as they do Apple ones. But they are accessory buds which imply there’s a band that sits on your neck and cables to the earbuds, not the real wireless design that’s ended up prevalent within the past few a long time. It’s too disillusioning that the earbuds cannot be repaired or have the battery supplanted mostly due to the take toll of a repair being higher than the fetched of purchase. Overall the Beats Flex are a great set of regular Bluetooth earbuds from a title brand.


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